Conan Exiles


The game begins with the playable character being rescued by the eponymous hero, Conan. The character has been found guilty of a crime and crucified and left to die next to an abandoned and derelict road. Conan cuts you loose and then vanishes, having played his part in your life!

The game is set in the mythical Hyborian times from the book series of the same name. Players must work their way along the evolutionary arc moving from wood to stone to iron to steel tools and equipment all in a matter of mere hours.

Instead of tutorials, the player has journals which spell out a suggested learning curve, talking you through gathering materials, finding food and water – your health metre is fairly fragile during the first few levels after your rescue and must be watched carefully until you have enough possessions that it maintains itself, more or less.

There is a truly impressive crafting skill tree to work through too, and the rare materials needed for the more exotic, high end items are sure to have you donning your armour and grabbing your sword (or weapon of choice) and heading off to distant and unexplored bits of the map in search of them.

Some of the items need an awful lot of work to produce: suits of armour, for instance, require a lot of material and three different crafting stations before you are even close to thinking about suiting up. But they are worth it: the sense of pride when you put on your armour and survive encounters with ease that would have killed you: victory!

A later upgrade introduced pets to the game, so you never need to be alone again. Raise your pet from a cub or egg, keeping it safe and fed and it will grow into a faithful and loyal companion, regularly producing poop that you can use as fertiliser.

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